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Shopping in Essen: Already a fixed address in the Ruhr region since 1951

Since 1951, anyone leaving Essen's main train station has seen the words "Shopping City Essen" emblazoned on the roof of the hotel opposite. With tradition and innovative strength, the Ruhr metropolis of Essen has managed to assert itself as a multifaceted shopping district in the northwest for almost 70 years now. But what is it that makes Essen such a charming shopping city? And what shopping highlights does Essen have in store for you?

Shopping in Essen: Central with short distances

Where already in the 1950s specialized stores lined the shopping streets, there are still today traditional, owner-managed stores that invite you to extensive rummaging and strolling. Particularly along Kettwiger Strasse and on Rüttenscheider Strasse, which is also popularly known in Essen as simply "Rü", long-established department stores and specialist stores provide plenty of variety and the best customer service. Of course, numerous chain stores of large, international chains can also be found here. But it is also worth taking a look at the neighboring alleys, where many a small specialty store has established itself.

Shopping centers in Essen: Shopping in any weather

The shopping city of Essen lives up to its reputation, especially at Limbecker Platz, where the Limbecker Platz shopping center, opened in 2009, is one of the largest in Germany. A total of 200 stores, chains and restaurants have settled here and provide an attractive mix of sectors in the direct vicinity of Essen's main train station. On the other hand, the stylish Theaterpassage with its numerous luxury boutiques in the high-price segment has made a name for itself in Essen as a noble address. In the Allee-Center in Altenessen, on the other hand, the 80 or so stores are more leisurely.

Strolling away from the shopping crowds

Shopping in Essen is also possible without the hustle and bustle and standing in line, as for example around Isenbergplatz in the southern quarter. Young designers and creative artists in particular have created their stomping grounds here and invite you to store away from the crowds with their small studios, workshops and boutiques. The baroque old town of Kettwig, on the other hand, exudes a small-town flair, where you will find small, fine shops.

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