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As a retailer, it's crucial to be visible online to reach local customers. "Wogibtswas" offers you an excellent platform to achieve this - and the best part is that you can start with a free offer! Find out how to optimize your local SEO with "Wogibtswas" and what additional benefits the low-cost premium plans offer:

Free offer for your basic needs:

You can list your business on "Wogibtswas" for free and showcase your products to a local audience. This is a fantastic way to get started with local SEO and increase your online presence.

Increase your local visibility:

With "Wogibtswas" you will end up where your local customers are looking for you. Even if the backlinks are marked as no-follow, they improve your online presence and indirectly support your SEO.

Insights into local search trends:

A particular advantage of "Wogibtswas" is that you gain insights into which products from your range are particularly popular locally. This information is extremely valuable for adapting your offers and marketing strategies.

Premium tariffs for even more visibility:

If you want to further increase your presence on "Wogibtswas", the premium tariffs offer numerous advantages:

  • Simple product import via CSV, Excel and other file formats.
  • Product import and daily availability display via shopping feed possible.
  • Online presence with opening hours, social media profiles, image galleries, videos, website links and much more. (depending on tariff)
  • API for large chains and agencies to manage profiles
  • Statistics on profile views and search terms
  • Transparent pricing: low monthly prices, short terms, no additional costs or commissions
  • Free tariff
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