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About Wogibtswas.de

Wogibtswas.de is a search service and directory provider that helps you as a merchant to attract new customers for your business. All you have to do is enter your store, store or branch on our site and specify which products or services are available from you. If a user searches in your area for a product or service that is available from you, your store will be displayed to him. This way you have the possibility to turn online users into your customers quickly and easily.

This is how it all began

The first beta version of Wogibtswas.de went online in 2014. The aim was to bring local businesses and searchers together. Then as now, retailers and service providers had the opportunity to present their business in an appealing way on the platform. The local business search is still a central component of wogibtswas today and currently finds businesses based on 60,787 categories of goods & services.

Currently wogibtswas.de lists 1.124.336 different dealers in 64.568 cities.

Even more precise: the product search

Does the beverage market around the corner have my favorite beer? In which store nearby can I buy M5 threaded screws? And which boutique in the area has Nike New Balance in stock in my size? In 2018, the product search was introduced. In addition to the retailer search by categories of goods and services, users can since then also search for specific products in your area.

Where does the data come from?

We receive the data both from the store owners themselves and from our agency partners from the location marketing sector, who publish it automatically with us on behalf of their customers. Products and their availability can be entered by the retailers themselves. For this purpose, we provide various import options, such as an Excel or feed import in the customer area.

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