Traditional costume special: Where to find traditional costumes, lederhosen and dirndls in Essen?

Trends for the Oktoberfest 2023

The Oktoberfest, once a unique festival on Munich's Theresienwiese, has long since extended its roots beyond the borders of Bavaria. Oktoberfest-like folk festivals are becoming increasingly popular throughout Germany. The revival of the traditional costume tradition reflects a longing for authenticity and cultural heritage. Interestingly, this renaissance has taken a modern turn. For example, chucks or sneakers are now accepted as the perfect complement to Lederhosen alongside traditional shoes. Accessories have also been given a creative twist - from gingerbread heart-shaped felt brooches to other eccentric pieces.

The female wardrobe has also undergone a transformation. While the classic dirndl remains a popular choice, more and more women are opting for lederhosen combined with stylish blouses. And who says that traditional costumes always have to be earthy colors? Bright shades and gaudy colors are becoming more and more common in the tents, giving traditional dress a fresh, modern look.

The limits? They are almost exclusively set by budget and regional availability. Because while it may be easy to get hold of the right outfit for the marquee in big cities like Munich, it can be a challenge in smaller towns like Essen. We would therefore like to offer you some tips and places to go to find the perfect Oktoberfest outfit, even in cities like Essen.

Further tips:

  • Individuality is key: Give your outfit an individual touch with personal accessories.
  • Comfort above all: Remember that you will be dancing and partying for many hours. A comfortable outfit is therefore crucial.
  • Buy locally: Local stores often support regional artisans and often offer a unique selection.
  • Timing: Start your search early, especially if you live in smaller towns, to ensure you get the best selection and fit.
  • Whether you choose traditional or modern interpretations, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the festivities to the fullest! ????

Traditional costumes near Essen Dirndl near Essen Lederhosen near Essen

Inexpensive traditional outfits in Essen

Certainly not everyone is prepared to buy an expensive traditional costume outfit. You can easily spend several hundred euros on genuine handmade lederhosen. And there are almost no upper limits for dirndls either.

While affordable traditional costumes were an integral part of chains such as C&A or KiK in the pre-corona years, at least during the season, we can no longer find them in their range in 2023.

Only the fashion chain AWG Mode still has an extensive selection of traditional costumes. Here, for example, you can find genuine leather trousers for as little as €39.99 (as of 2.9.2023)

Preiswerte Trachtenmode

Large selection, leading brands

Adler Mode - a good address for traditional costumes and accessories all year round

The traditional company with its 153 stores in Germany has traditional costume fashion in its range all year round. You will find the nearest Adler store on Heifeskamp (Mülheim an der Ruhr), on Porscheplatz, in the Bahnhofstraße (Oberhausen), in the Berliner Straße (Duisburg) or also in the Riemker Straße (Bochum).

Boutiques, traditional costume stores and more near Essen

My-Kleidung Onlineshop

Ferdinandstraße 4
45889 Gelsenkirchen


8.9 mi | closed | Geschäft


40597 Düsseldorf- Benrath


20.9 mi | Not specified | Geschäft

Haus der Braut & Gentleman

Hindenburgstrasse 51
41061 Mönchengladbach


28.3 mi | opens around 13:00 | Geschäft

Textilpflegecenter im Montanushof + Änderungsschneiderei

Ostwall 31
41515 Grevenbroich


29.7 mi | opens around 08:30 | Geschäft

BIESEMANN Landhausmode

Busmannstr. 32
47623 Kevelaer


30.4 mi | opens around 10:00 | Geschäft


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